Clothing Makes the Character

When you’re watching a film or tv show, do you ever pay attention to the clothing the characters wear?  Wardrobe designers don’t typically get much attention, except when four or five are nominated for an Oscar every year.  But their contribution to the story you’re watching is every bit as important as the cinematography, lighting and music when it comes to setting the stage, visually informing you about a character or evoking an emotion from the audience.

The way you dress and present yourself to the world is equally important.  Regardless of whether you agree with it, people you meet form an opinion about you based on what they see before you ever open your mouth.  Unfair?  Perhaps.  But it’s the way we’re wired and it’s why we put some effort into dressing for job interviews or first dates.  It’s why attorneys insist their clients dress well for court appearances.  It’s why when you only see your relatives at that once-a-year family gathering and you’re (still!) not married, you dress in a way that says “I’m not citronella for men.  I just haven’t met anyone I want to be committed to. But I haven’t given up because I totally believe there’s someone for everyone and, no, you shouldn’t you start setting me up with women.” For example.

My point is, the way you put yourself together sets your stage and informs others of who you are and how you want to be treated.  Dress accordingly.


About Felicia Biggins

I'm a fashion blogger and owner of The New Black, a personal styling business, in Austin TX. Follow me on Twitter: @fbigg.
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