Missoni for Target Mission Was a Bust

Tuesday afternoon I made my way to Target to check out the Missoni for Target collection.  The housewares I saw in sneak previews were groovy, but I was after a few Missoni dresses and maybe a pair of their zig zaggy print flats.  I was so excited about this collection – even more so than I was about the Lagerfeld at Macy’s collection.

Imagine my disappointment when I walked in the store and found empty shelves and displays.  The shelves where the pumps, flats and rain boots had once been were “stocked” with three – three! – boxes of pumps in sizes 5, 6 and 11.  There were a few skirts, maybe four blouses, hanging on one display stand.  It was as if a horde of gremlins had swooped in and gobbled up everything Missoni.  I was gutted.  Much like the store had been.

A store clerk wandered over and explained they’d been beset by throngs of people as soon as the store opened and that they, literally, scooped up armfuls of merchandise, regardless of size.  I say “merchandise” because it wasn’t just the clothing – these people did the same thing with the Missoni housewares.  Why?  To sell them on eBay.

So, unlike those of us who’ve been blogging, tweeting and salivating over the impending launch of this collection and who were looking forward to the sheer joy of wearing a piece of Italian-designed clothing, these people were buying up anything they could get their hands on in order to sell it back to us at exorbitant prices.  The Target site, by the way, was down for most of Tuesday and was back up just in time to show there was almost nothing left to order.

Now, I’m all for capitalism, but this cynical ploy makes me angry because the very people for whom this affordably-priced collection was meant (i.e. yours truly) will likely not be able to afford these items at eBay prices.  I read one article which said that, by 2pm Tuesday, there were over 3,000 Missoni for Target items on eBay.  Gotta say, I felt like such a chump for assuming there would still be products on the shelves at 5:30pm on launch day.

I continued to be riled up until I read, in various places, that many stores have placed re-stock orders and should have new stock within a week or so.  My sincere hope is that the trolls who snatched the joy of Missoni out of our hands will be the only chumps in this story.


About Felicia Biggins

I'm a fashion blogger and owner of The New Black, a personal styling business, in Austin TX. Follow me on Twitter: @fbigg.
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