How To Wear Booties

There are so many glorious booties on offer this fall and I want to buy every pair I see. My bank account keeps that impulse in check, though, so I choose my booties for maximum wearability – i.e. I get them in neutral colors and in styles I can easily wear all day without the aid of painkillers. But, as my pal Melissa recently asked, how do you wear booties?

I sometimes wear mine with jeans or slacks but they obscure the bootie fabulousness, so I prefer to wear them with skirts or dresses. Today, I’m wearing my black, zippered Vince Camuto booties from last year with a denim skirt from Banana Republic.

Just like last week with my cropped trousers, make sure the height of the booties on your legs and the length of the skirt work together. By the way, this is one of those times when having a full-length mirror at home really comes in handy. These booties are low-profile so I’ve got more leeway with my skirt length than if the booties extended above my ankles.

With my gray wool bolero jacket, grommet belt and black leather and chrome skull watch (yeah, that’s right – a skull watch), I’ve almost got a rock chick vibe. Almost.

Jacket: DIMRI / Skirt: Banana Republic / Booties: Vince Camuto / Watch: purchased at a festival

How will you wear your booties?


About Felicia Biggins

I'm a fashion blogger and owner of The New Black, a personal styling business, in Austin TX. Follow me on Twitter: @fbigg.
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2 Responses to How To Wear Booties

  1. Erin says:

    I just can’t get into booties. I like the ones you’re wearing because they don’t cover your whole foot. The other ones I see, though, just look weird to me.

    Then again, I said the same thing about leggings a few years ago, and now I wear them every other day. So maybe I just need some time to get used to the idea…

    • I hear you. I used to have the same misgivings until I started seeing people wear them well and started seeing different styles that I liked. Later this week another pair will arrive and they’re cover-the-whole-foot booties that I’ll wear with shorts, leggings or skirts. I’ll post a pic when I do and you can let me know if the style makes sense to you in that context.

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