WSKKW: What Should Kim K Wear?

Were you as disappointed and stunned as I was to hear Kim Kardashian’s “whirlwind” marriage is, apparently, already over?   Stunned it lasted as long as it did, am I right?

I can already see the headline for the obligatory, tear-stained, heartfelt interview with People magazine – “Kim’s Heartbreak: I Thought We Were, Like, Soulmates Because, Like, He’s So Tall and, Like, Hot and Totally Amaaaaaze, But Then the Focus Groups and Sponsors Were, Like, Not So Much”.

So, I wondered, if I were her stylist, what would I advise her to wear for this important post-filing, pre-prenuptial agreement details leaking interview?  It’s a major PR move, this interview.  She’ll be communicating to the world that she’s 1) sad and 2) available. Sad but sexy – it’s a very delicate balance.

I’d want to dress her in a modern, feminine dress that makes the most of her considerable assets without being too fussy or complicated in a subdued color.   Since Ms. Kardashian pocketed $18M from her multimillion dollar wedding 73 days ago, she’s got a few pennies to throw at this interview frock, so I went to Saks Fifth Avenue online to scout looks for her.

This Ali Ro ruffled knit dress in taupe has a deep v-neck, is form fitting and hits above the knee.

This stretch twist dress from Calulla Lillibelle, in nude, is a little less form fitting but also has that deep v-neck and hits above the knee.

These next two dresses are black, which is a bit “on the nose” but I like the shapes so would want them in navy or charcoal gray instead of black.

I love Carolina Herrera designs and this stretch wool asymmetric dress is one I’d love to see in my own closet.  The slightly exposed neck and collarbone is subtly sexy but the slim pencil skirt and skinny belt would emphasize her famous hourglass shape.

Finally, the sculpted Infinity dress from Donna Karan says “I need a date for my divorce court hearing”.

With low-key jewelry,  toned-down makeup and simply-styled hair, any of these dresses would hit the right note for her big interview.


About Felicia Biggins

I'm a fashion blogger and owner of The New Black, a personal styling business, in Austin TX. Follow me on Twitter: @fbigg.
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