Spring/Summer 2012 Trends…& Me

Spring/Summer 2012 Trends…& Me

Now that the big fashion shows are a done deal, fashion magazines are now focused on spring/summer 2012 trends.  Most of them, I can totally get behind and tend to dabble in, to one extent or another, over the next several months.

Bold florals – Yes!

Bold prints – Now we’re talking!

Yellow – Looks great on me!

Pastels – Sure, ok.

Peplum – Hold up. Extra volume…at my hips.  Yeeeeah, this is where the spring trends and I part ways.

Which trends are you going to try this spring and summer?

(*These pieces, with the exception of the peplum dress, are on Piperlime; the peplum dress was at 6pm.com.)


About Felicia Biggins

I'm a fashion blogger and owner of The New Black, a personal styling business, in Austin TX. Follow me on Twitter: @fbigg.
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9 Responses to Spring/Summer 2012 Trends…& Me

  1. Maggie S. says:

    The up side of the peplum is that it hides the tummy bulge! I will have to see if it makes me even shorter. The last time it was in, I weigh under a hundred pounds and could fake tall with shoes. Now, I look like a pudgy older gal with giant shoes on.

    I can do the yellow.

  2. Erin says:

    Well, there’s something for everyone. You can take the yellow (it looks horrible on me), and I’ll take the peplum (believe it or not, I’d love to have some more volume at my hips!). And I love bold prints.

    • I’m a big, big fan of bold prints – even bold florals – and, randomly, recently bought a yellow blouse that I can’t wait to wear.

      I’m excited about warmer weather and baring some skin. Of course, I will complain bitterly, to anyone who’ll listen, about the heat starting late May.

  3. Carrie says:

    I love Piperlime! Talk about losing days on end there for me.

    I agree. Peplum is a no-freaking-way for me. I don’t want or need anything extra, anywhere really…but certainly not THERE!

    • Piperlime is dangerous for me. Dangerous. It’s not even safe for me to peruse for blog images. At this moment I’m STILL trying to talk myself out of an orange dress I spied on there. I don’t need it. But oh do I want it!

  4. Audrey says:

    I like the yellow and a bold print. I’ve never been into florals and I’m not sure how pastels would look on me so I’m kinda reluctant about them. I do love the peplum though:)

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