Saturday I was downtown for the St. Paddy’s Day celebrations (read: day drinking) and found myself standing in line for a shot of Bushmill’s behind…this:

Most of us don’t own a three-way mirror in which to check out our “rear views” before leaving home.  But, hopefully, we’ve got a friend, significant other or gay bestie who will say to us, with loving compassion, “Girl…no.”

I wasn’t inebriated enough to tap this woman on the shoulder and ask her why, in the name of all things holy and denim, she would do this to her butt.  Notice the waistband is at the top of the red lettering and the bottom of the pockets are midway down her leg, making her rear end look enormous when it isn’t.  Who voluntarily does that?!

I snapped this photo that will serve as a cautionary tale.  Or just as a reminder to us all to either invest in a three-way mirror or be very, very good to the people in our lives so they’re willing to say to us, if necessary and with loving compassion: Girl…no.


About Felicia Biggins

I'm a fashion blogger and owner of The New Black, a personal styling business, in Austin TX. Follow me on Twitter: @fbigg.
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2 Responses to Girl…No.


    Just visualizing you taking your phone out to snap a pic is plenty to send me over the edge!!

    But seriously. Who in their right mind would do that to their ass? I don’t care how little it is…don’t drag it down to your knees!! Trust me. Mother Nature will take care of that for you in due time.

    • LOL!! Damn right I took a picture! That was tragic. And, you’re right – Mother Nature is gonna lower for her, and sooner than she’ll be emotionally prepared for it to happen.

      Trust me on that.

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