Striking Some Poses…Or Trying To

Well, I promised Suzanne and Diane that I’d photograph my attempts to put a former model’s advice about posing for pictures into practice.  This exercise has taught me to have a bit of respect for models because posing is harder than it looks!

Here I am facing the camera straight on.  Not so flattering.  (By the way, that’s not a stain on my dress.  It’s either a weird shadow or a smudge on the camera lens.)

Creating some angles by turning slightly to the side, one hand on my hip, one knee slightly bent.  It’s instantly slimming!

And here I am attempting the jaw up and out, chin down move.

And these are my neon yellow slingbacks!  No posing lesson here.  Just wanted to point out my gorgeous shoes.  Neon has been a big trend for the past few seasons.  Some souls are brave enough to wear neon with neon but I prefer to use it to punch up a neutral, like my trusty gray, Calvin Klein dress.  My yellow flower ring is from Charming Charlie’s.

So, have you tried these posing suggestions since last week?  How’d they work for you?


About Felicia Biggins

I'm a fashion blogger and owner of The New Black, a personal styling business, in Austin TX. Follow me on Twitter: @fbigg.
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8 Responses to Striking Some Poses…Or Trying To

  1. Erin says:

    Dude. Those shoes are amazing.

  2. Diane says:

    Great shoes! Lovely dress & ring, cute toes…. and I’d say you nailed the poses!

  3. Cecilia says:

    Fantastic shoes!! Great choice! Congratulations for your pedicure! =)

  4. My gosh…what a difference a slight turn or tilt of the head makes.


    You always look great…and seeing these shots side by side is really an eye-opener!

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