Signature or Rut?

The other day on Twitter, an online fashion magazine I follow posted a picture of Jennifer Love Hewitt on the red carpet for her new show, The Client List, which I won’t be DVR’ing.

Anyway, she was wearing an Hervé Leger bandage dress…again.  Don’t get me wrong, girlfriend was workin’ the hell out of the dress.  It hit every curve perfectly, flawlessly.  But if I had a dollar for every time I’ve seen JLH in a bandage dress on the red carpet, I’d be able to buy my own.

And that got me thinking: where’s the line between a signature look and a rut?  When I think of signature looks, I think of Diane Keaton with her menswear-inspired wardrobe choices.  Sarah Jessica Parker with her fashion forward sense of style and willingness to take risks.  Michelle Williams with her ultra feminine style and pixie haircut.

Each of these women know what they like and what looks good on their bodies.  And, while they each have a “signature look”, they change it up and update it so that their signature remains fresh and relevant.

And then there are ruts.  The aforementioned Ms. Hewitt and her red carpet bandage dresses.  Jennifer Aniston in short, black dresses on the red carpet.  Katherine Heigl, who apparently wants to look two decades older than she is.  These actresses don’t change things up at all.  They found one, specific look they like and they are riding it into the ground.  It’s safe – although, in the case of Heigl I’d argue prematurely geriatric isn’t safe – and boring.

In their defense, when celebrities make a fashion misstep, it probably seems as if the entire world knows and comments.  But they can afford to pay stylists (ahem!) for advice and guidance.

It’s easier for the rest of us to take a chance because, if we screw up, it’s not likely to make the national news.  It probably won’t even make the local news.

You could, however, make it onto my little blog.

[Thanks to Brandy N for sending me this snap she took on a recent trip to Manhattan!]


About Felicia Biggins

I'm a fashion blogger and owner of The New Black, a personal styling business, in Austin TX. Follow me on Twitter: @fbigg.
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2 Responses to Signature or Rut?

  1. Love Michelle Williams in any look…she can pull off almost ANY look.

    I’m feeling kinda rut-ish now. I think I’m just tired of the heavy, long-sleeve winter stuff and need to find some cute, springy and fresh things.

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