Style on a Budget

I have a dear friend who’s also in the HR biz and works for a small company here in Austin.  This friend and I regularly get together for wine & catch up and to complain about the employees we have to deal with, day in, day out.  (Maybe we should start calling these tête-à-têtes “wine & whines”.)

Anyway, it was during one of our get-togethers that my dear friend told me about an employee she works with who dressed very, very badly.  She never looked professional; she rarely even looked ‘put together’.  When my friend took her aside to discuss her appearance, the employee said she couldn’t afford to dress better.  My friend is a sympathetic soul but said “Honestly, I was just tired of looking at her”.

So, what did my brilliant friend do?  A few weeks later, she, again, took the badly dressed employee aside and told her she’d won a company drawing and the prize was a gift card and one of her (well-dressed and equally-paid) co-workers was taking her on a shopping spree!

Yeah…there was no drawing.  But the prize was real and the upshot is that the better-dressed employee helped the train wreck learn how to shop on a budget – problem solved!

I don’t have a big shopping budget either.  Between race fees and gear [my last three shoe purchases: road running shoes, trail running shoes and fitness training shoes], my disposable income has been taken a hit and I’ve had to restrain my shopping impulses, which, let me tell you, is tough to do.

This colorful, boldly printed halter dress is from JC Penney and was on sale over the weekend for $12.  I’ll enjoy wearing it on the weekends and for socializing after-work.

I can’t wear the halter dress by itself to work but I add my Forever 21 vest – et violá! – it’s work-appropriate.

Moral of the story: lack of funds is no excuse for looking like a train wreck.


About Felicia Biggins

I'm a fashion blogger and owner of The New Black, a personal styling business, in Austin TX. Follow me on Twitter: @fbigg.
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