The DSquared Fashion Show

Hi, folks.  I apologize for being so lackadaisical about updating the blog.  After I arrived home from my (incredible!) trip to Italy last weekend, I came down with some sort of heinous infection.  I’ve been coughing, sneezing, sleeping and sipping hot toddies all week.  Trust me, it was better that I didn’t blog under those conditions.

Now I’m on the upswing, if not quite 100%, and I owe you a recap of the DSquared fashion show during Milan Fashion Week last week.

We arrived by scooter and I’m deeply ashamed I don’t have a picture of me perched on the back of Harlow’s scooter wearing my 5-inch heels.  We planned to get someone to snap a photo but it never happened.  My bad.

Back to the show.  DSquared is a line designed by identical twin brothers Dean and Dan Caten, Canadians whose design house is in Milan.   The Catens are renowned for their stage shows and, I have to tell you, as refined, understated and sophisticated as Missoni was, DSquared was its polar opposite.  The music was pounding, the tent, stage and runway were black and it was super intense.

From my perspective, the target demographic seems to be 20-year-old socialites.  The skirts and shorts were of the micro variety, i.e. we watched a lot of buttcheeks make their way down the runway.  And layers upon layers of chains.  But paired with those cheeks and chains were sharp, white button-down blouses and exquisitely-tailored, PINK, brocade blazers.  Price issue aside, I could see my somewhat longer in the tooth self wearing those blouses and jackets.

My iPhone was not capable of taking focused photos of the fast-moving runway but I snapped a few pics of the gathered fabulousness before and after the show to share.

The crowd in anticipation of the show

The press corp stationed at the end of the runway

An Italian celebrity explaining to the press that she chose a bright yellow dress because the day was overcast but she felt like smiling. Her metallic pink shoes made me smile.

Harlow outside the show wearing a funky little hat made of corn husks. Very 40s. Very chic.

Me, also outside the show, wearing all black and hoping I look as if I belong there.


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I'm a fashion blogger and owner of The New Black, a personal styling business, in Austin TX. Follow me on Twitter: @fbigg.
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