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Stile Italiano (Italian Style)

While I’ve been on vacation in Italy I’ve wrestled with what to focus on for this week’s post. There’s been so much to see, mull over and write about! But what’s most influenced me this week is Italian style. Not … Continue reading

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Vacation Time (aka What Am I Gonna Pack?!)

[This is the first post I’ve written on my iPhone – please excuse any typos!] So, in just over a week, I’m off to spend time in Italy. Don’t hate. Yes, it’s a vacation and I intend to take full … Continue reading

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Fear of Fashion Failure

There’s a snarky little voice inside all our heads that helpfully informs and reminds us what we cannot do. I still remember the time that voice spoke so loudly I’d swear an actual person was attached to it.  It was … Continue reading

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“Scarves for Under $75”? Please.

I receive a daily fashion email that I generally enjoy.   I like the trend updates, seeing how celebrities (or their stylists) put outfits together and reading the articles.  Sometimes the outfit pics inspire my own outfits; sometimes what I read … Continue reading

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Wearing White Before Labor Day

I’ve written before about the whole no-white-after-Labor-Day “rule” and I do sincerely believe it’s a BS rule in this day and time….BUT, I also do sincerely feel as if my time with white pants will come to a close after … Continue reading

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The Things You See in a Wine Bar…

I’ve written once before about age appropriate dressing and my thoughts thereof.  Well, over the weekend I was at my favorite home away from home wine bar and was treated to a wondrous sight.  Unfortunately, once again, I failed to … Continue reading

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Boobs or Legs – Not Both

I have written before about following “the fashion rules” – dressing appropriately for your age, not wearing white after Labor Day – and my feelings about “the rules” are that we should make our own. When it comes to how … Continue reading

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